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You never boarded an glider, or even an aircraft, and you wish to take some altitude ? Discover a new point of view ? New sensations ?

You’re maybe already a para-glider pilot, modelist, aircraft pilot, ultralight pilot, and you wish to discover how gliders use aerology to perform flight throughout entire days ?

Dare come aboard, the discovery flight is for you ! You will be flying with a glider flight instructor. Before that, he will answer everything you ever wanted to know and explain you the basic principles of flight. After the briefing, you fasten your parachute and let’s go for a flight of 30 minutes, 1 hour, more !


Eagles Alpine Soaring Academy shook offer different approaches to the mountain flight.

First, discover the mountain flying in the Durance valley. Learn the names of local mountains flying locally finesse 20. Theoretical courses to improve your training on the following topics you shake dispensed : preparation card, slope soaring, wave flying, flight safety in the mountains…

Then, hone your skills and extend your skills to the Fayençonnais, the Ubaye Valley, Briançon and the Diois. We will address the 300 kms and more according to the weather conditions.

For all these courses of enhancements, as we have the pleasure to welcome you to internships as weeks or map depending on your availability.

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